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Amy and Adam- Gledswood Hills

Whilst searching for a builder we were overwhelmed with ideas from various builders. We liked bits and pieces from different homes and came to a halt as we couldn’t decide which house to build, and thats when we came across Manhattan Homes. We felt like our dreams were able to become reality as we were able to design and build a custom home that would provide us with exactly everything that we wanted in a home. We also liked that we were able to make some subtle changes, as the build was happening. No request was ever a hassle.


We met with the architect and she designed a beautiful home for us, and answered all of our requests. Once we confirmed our house plans, the next hard task was to choose all of our colours which can be overwhelming and daunting. Stacey, you were fantastic during this process and helped us immensely. Your advice and expertise didn’t go un noticed.


From what I have heard, building can be a stressful process, and stressful ours was not. We were kept up to date by our supervisors, Dave and Pete, on a weekly basis and my husband and I also knew we could phone them at any time with any questions. One of the things I appreciated the most during the build, was that I could ring the office and only have 1 of a few employees answer my call. I felt they knew me on a personal level and I didn’t even need to tell them where my house was being built, they knew just by me telling them my name. If the individual didn’t know the answer whilst I was on the phone to them, they always phoned me back within a 24hr period.


Our build was very smooth with only a couple of little hold ups along the way due to Mother Nature. Our home was completed within the expected time frame, to the highest quality and we couldn’t be happier. For both the administration side of things and the building side of things, no job was ever too big, no job was ever too small. From first meeting with you Stacey, at Manhattan Homes, until our 90 day maintenance list was completed, the building process, was smooth, quick and easy. We most certainly chose the right builder in Manhattan Homes and the result of that was a beautiful family home that we can make memories in for a lifetime, and we are very thankful for that. I would highly recommend Manhattan Homes to our friends, family and strangers.

Amy and Adam,  Gledswood Hills – May 2018